RiFLE - Rail Freight and Logistics Curriculum Development

The objective of the RiFLE project was to develop an MSc in Rail Freight and Logistics. More specifically the project developed Masters courses to be delivered in English language by the participating institutions as separate but shared programmes in their universities.The RiFLE project employs a multi-action approach involving a combination of management activities, quality assurance, state of the art and review surveys, demand analysis, development of curricula and open source modelling software tools, development of stepwise methodology for validation of curricula and its implementation, workshops, a wide spectrum of exploitation works among which are collaborative learning with stakeholders and innovation through distance-/e-/blended learning, implementation of curricula developed into practice, real-life demonstration of the implementation of the curricula accompanied with mobility patterns, a wide spectrum of dissemination works such as Web Page equipped with E-forum and semi-annual newsletters, development of a technical memorandum consisting of stepwise approach for establishing a joint degree MSc programme and strategies for future actions after the successful completion of the project, development of a handbook consolidating all the RiFLE merits and contributions to a one cohesive document that provides necessary information for everyone interested in rail freight and logistics higher education at large.We call upon rail freight and logistics professors and assistants, fellow researches, policy and decision makers, and stakeholders to liaise with the project team and assist in better understanding the current and future needs for rail freight and logistics higher education, training and promotion.