Motivated by the opportunity to develop industry pull applications and services for the European EGNOS and GALILEO satellite systems, SPARTACUS will design, realise, test and validate in simulated and real world scenarios GALILEO-ready tracking/positioning solutions for critical asset tracking and crisis management.

At a general level, Spartacus will implement solutions for location awareness in the context of crisis management based on existing (GPS, EGNOS, EDAS) and incoming (GALILEO) satellite services and technologies providing precise tracking/positioning, ensuring no lacks of communication and no gaps of information in coordination actions.

In detail, this will be done with reference to three application areas:

1. to track, trace, and localise critical transport assets especially in times of crisis and in case of major failure of existing networks;2. to track the flow of relief support goods from the sending side to the receiving/end place;3. to support and ensure the safety of first responders in crisis management operations.

The project will employ a deliberate methodology that leads progression through Identification, Development, Implementation and Exploitation. SPARTACUS innovation areas include hardware adaptations, algorithms for precision improvement, integration of the receivers with inertial platforms to provide dead reckoning functionalities, and communication availability in emergency by restoring local existing network over satellite backhauling. In addition, modular and scalable platforms will be made appropriate for each application area. Consortium networks, marketing channels, and end users from the rail, disaster relief, and first responder sectors will prepare these new EU-specific services for market uptake.