This research theme specialises in research from a strategic perspective.

Specific key areas of European transport research including:

  • The current state-of-the-art in transport research in the EU
  • Current capabilities and capacities in transport research in MS and NMS
  • Developing cross-border collaborations
  • Developing and Maintaining sources of trans-national funding to aid cross-border collaborations
  • Assisting in strengthening the research and innovation strategies of the transport industries in Europe

Projects include:

  • OPTIYARD Optimised Real-time Yard and Network Management
  • F3 Fast Frequent Fulfilment
  • SETRIS Strengthening the Research and Innovation Strategies of the Transport industries in Europe
  • FAIRStations Design of Future Secure and Accessible Rail Stations
  • SKILLFUL Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels

Recent projects include:

  • FOSTER RAIL which will draft a strategic plan to turn the ERRAC 2020 Vision into reality.
  • ETNA Plus Fostering innovation for trans-national cooperation in European transport research and promoting active participation of stakeholders in European research calls and projects through the National Contact Point (NCP) Network
  • TRA Visions 2016
  • HERMES, an EC funded project to gather transport research databases worldwide and create a portal through which these databases can be accessed
  • TransNEW evaluated the transport research capability and capacity in rail, road, waterborne and aeronautics of the EU New Member States, This established a benchmark of the current research activity in each of these countries and created a database of contacts to enable researchers to network with one another. In addition researchers in these countries were trained to form consortia, write proposals and encouraged to participate in European projects.
  • TransSLO: Project description Project description (PDF: 799KB)
    Slovenian Transport Research Capability and the National Transport Research Agenda
    TransSLO: Final achievements of the project (PDF 1115Kb)
    TransSLO: Article produced by the EC as TransSLO was a project of Good Practice. (PDF 43Kb)