Railway Technology

Railway Engineering

We have been leading European and worldwide railway research for over ten years.

Projects include:

Previous projects include:

Software: Our research in rail infrastructure has developed computer programs Dynarat and DynaCrack, used for simulating wear and crack initiation.

Vehicles: developing lightweight, crashworthy structures to meet the rail industry's demands for increased capacity, safety, and energy efficiency/environmental sustainability.

Composites: design and development of large composite material structures for transport applications, including crashworthiness; fire safe rail vehicles

Joining technologies: for vehicle construction

Materials selection: We specialise in the design, development, analysis and testing of novel materials, processes and structures for transport applications.

Technology transfer: between the rail industry and other transport sectors

Testing Facilities: full-scale test site at Barrow Hill in the UK for experimenting and instrumenting. Class 37 loco; track and testing facilities for wear, fatigue and chemical and bio-chemical analysis of low adhesion leaf films; fully equipped workshop