Ionoptika J105

The Ionoptika J105 is a high performance Time of Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (ToF-SIMS) for the 3D surface imaging of soft biological, organic, inorganic and metal surfaces.

The J105 maintains high mass and spatial resolution, and the use of a DC primary beam means a continuous stream of data can be acquired, allowing for rapid imaging and depth profiling of materials.

The J105 sets itself apart from other instruments by employing a dual stage analyser, consisting of a shaped field buncher, and a large non-linear reflectron with accuracy down to 5ppm. This setup is ideally suited to materials that have both chemical and topological structure.

The J105 can operate in MS/MS mode, whereby secondary ions are further fragmented to identify constituents of a certain mass species. This is one of only two ToF-SIMS instruments in the UK capable of doing MS/MS (the other one is located in Manchester).

Key Features of ToF-SIMS

  • High mass and spatial resolution simultaneously
  • Capability to do MS/MS
  • Large area analysis
  • Rapid, continuous acquisition
  • Automated operation

Applications of ToF-SIMS

  • Analysis of complex materials
  • Chemical and structural analysis of materials
  • Depth profiling
  • 3D imaging