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Opportunities and challenges with the ageing audience

Thursday 28 May 2020, 15:00
The tourism industry has been one of the worst affected by current challenges and is now looking at what a ‘new normal’ might look like. Our 'Adapting and Innovating in 2020' series continues to explore and discuss the challenges and potential opportunities for the industry.

On this webinar we’ll hear from Nic Palmarini, Director of the National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA), about the sentiment of the ageing population during this time, particularly around travel and hospitality. He will also explore whether the messages around people over 70 being at particular risk have been damaging, and how the region could create opportunities by communicating simple and consistent messages to an audience to avoid confusion. In addition to this Nic will share his views on the ageing populations’ engagement with digital experiences during this time, and what more could be done? Nic will also discuss changing attitudes that have been seen as we have moved through different stages of the pandemic and how tourism businesses can find a positive story to tell.

Abigail Pogson, Chief Executive of Sage Gateshead, will explore how the North East as a region might become more attractive due to being less densely populated and the range of options we have for tourists – city centre, countryside and coastline. How as a region can we come together to have shared standards and attract older visitors, starting with digital experiences and moving through to safe physical visits? She’ll discuss Sage Gateshead’s strategy during the crisis, how they’ve seen great digital engagement from their older audiences and what plans they have for reopening.

We are encouraging attendees to send in questions in advance so that we can tailor the content of the webinar appropriately. However there will also be opportunities to ask questions at the end of the session. 
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  • The JOY Exhibition

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we know a lot of people were disappointed they couldn't visit this exhibition. We are delighted to be able to share this exhibition with you digitally...


    Venue: Online

    Supported by the UK National Innovation Centre for Ageing, the JOY project came out of a growing exasperation with popular culture and especially advertising’s messages that ageing for women is a process we should try to halt or at least mask. And that the only future for the older woman is a dystopian one of bodily failure and intellectual loss.
    In summer 2019, the JOY team invited local women in Newcastle to share with us the things that bring them joy through story-telling workshops which centred on both the tangible as well as the more fleeting moments of joyfulness.
    What bring us joy is many and varied, from the feel of sun on a cheek, to holding new life in our arms, from swinging in hammocks to making music with others, from taking photos of nature to playing fetch with our dog, from family get-togethers to the glorious solitude of a mountain top.
    This exhibition was co-created with some brilliant women who gave up their time to tell us about their moments, days, weeks and lifetimes of joy. The exhibition comprises collages, word cloud and film which feature all the participants, and a set of portraits which feature some of them. This is what JOY looks like to us: we hope it brings a moment of joy to you as well.
    Thanks to a great group of women for making this a wonderful project to work on.
    Karen, Juliet & Alex


    View the digital version of the exhibition:


    See how the exhibition looked in The Catalyst:


    View the film behind the exhibition: