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Connected Energy - Case Study

Connected Energy - Case Study

Create confidence in warranties for innovative technologies

The challenge

Connected Energy specialises in technology systems for grid decarbonisation. This is through design of energy storage systems utilising second life EV batteries.

They wanted to know how to use data from second life EV batteries to:

  • predict their future capacities
  • monitor the battery systems to optimise their outputs


It was informative for Connected Energy to:

  • see where they were missing data
  • understand what they had
  • produce ways for external people to interact with their data

NICD helped them to validate data from battery systems and get their data into a format they could use.

They also made sure the company had the right data skills in place.

The project helped us gain a clear picture of our data to understand what was missing and develop accurate predictions for planned maintenance and warranties.

Frazer Wagg, Connected Energy


Connected Energy gained:

  • more accurate monitoring so batteries are used equally and that outputs are accurate
  • confidence in offering customers warranties on second life battery systems