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First Case Studies of Our Work with Businesses

The first case studies of our work with businesses have been published. Read on to discover how our approach has already helped two global corporations unlock insight and productivity from their data.

Bringing the parts together

In the first Case Study, we explore how one small project convinced a large corporation of the power of better data analytics. LKQ Corporation is a global leader in providing specialty parts used to repair and accessorise automobiles and other vehicles. Formed in 1998, the company is now a dominant figure in its market, with operations in North America, Europe and Taiwan.

Keen to explore the potential of strategic data analytics, LKQ's work with us:

  • identified “substantial” potential savings and sources of additional revenue
  • encouraged management to invest in a dedicated data analytics unit
  • gained insights on how to transform data quality across the company
  • shifted the company toward a more data-led mindset

Painting a different picture

The second Case Study reveals how a multinational paint and coatings company learned to harness its data and create new products as a result.

Dutch corporation AkzoNobel approached us owing to their desire to become a leading digital company as well as being a major player in the global paint and coatings market.

Over teh course of six months, we upskilled AkzoNobel staff who:

  • Cleaned and analysed data from different locations, and in different formats
  • Developed a Minimum Viable Product that could offer real value to customers
  • Learned a variety of skills in predictive modeling and machine learning
  • Encouraged other AkzoNobel staff to consider how they could develop their own ideas

What could your organisation discover?

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Following their work with us, car parts distributor LKQ Corporation is now investing in a dedicated team exploring advanced analytics.

published on: 7 May 2019