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Our Programme

Our Programme

We exploit knowledge and expertise currently locked inside universities. Our team provides the leadership, technical skills and continuity for projects and partnerships.

Increasing your productivity

The result of engagement with us is to:

  • increase your productivity by optimising your existing operations
  • grow by launching new data-driven products and services

The UK economy and wider society will benefit from this increase in innovation through data.

A new perspective on data for the NHS Business Services Authority

Nadine Morrisroe describes how we helped the NHSBSA in the video.

Data is important for them, with regard to patient safety, fraud and prescriptions.

We upskilled their team in collaborative coding and analytical methods.

We helped them to look at their data in different ways.

Developing predictive systems for Procter and Gamble

With a wealth of data already at its disposal, Procter and Gamble turned to NICD.

They needed help to create predictive systems to capture and process customer insights.

But we also gave them a better understanding of skills needed to develop systems in-house.

Technical training and seminars

Projects are supported by a range of related activities, including:

  • awareness raising events
  • themed business and technical seminars
  • technical training courses