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Work With Us

Work With Us

We’ll work with you to scope out and run projects, typically running for between a few weeks and six months. Also, you can explore co-locating with us as a tenant in our new purpose-built home, The Catalyst.

Develop your project with us

Our approach is to scope out projects with you, typically running for between a few weeks and six months.

Projects deliver actionable insight to your organisation and are led by you.

This encourages the management team to drive the next steps and delivers immediate return on investment.

Our case studies show what organisations have achieved by working with us.

How we collaborate

Co-locate as a tenant

The Catalyst is our new £50M state-of-the-art facility. It's home to the:

The building hosts a suite of bespoke data science facilities. There's a range of flexible office space for private and public sector organisations.

This enables an ecosystem focusing on delivering new insights through data analytics.

The city-centre location provides easy access to regional, national and international transport links.

The outside of The Catalyst building at night. Image: Graeme Peacock