Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Links with Industry

Links with Industry

As a translational research institute, we work closely with commerce in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.

Cancer researchers in Newcastle have a long track record of working with industrial partners. We apply complementary academic expertise and technologies to help solve industry problems and progress projects to the market. This ultimately benefits cancer patients.

Industry can interact with researchers at the NICR in a number of different ways. You can gain access to expertise ranging from biology and disease understanding to more translational areas such as:

  • drug discovery and development
  • biomarker discovery and development
  • pharmacology
  • clinical trials


We combine the strengths of academic and industrial groups to accelerate research projects. This is a powerful approach which mutually benefits all involved.

Translational research is often most effectively delivered through multidisciplinary collaboration. NICR researchers welcome the opportunity to discuss areas where we could add value to industry projects. This could use our expertise, facilities and access to clinical samples and insight.

Consultancy and Commercial Research

We are interested in opportunities to apply our translational research base to provide answers to industry challenges.

The types of services offered range from provision of guidance and technical advice, to testing and analysis using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

Contact us and we’ll help to identify the relevant people to work with.

Long-term strategic partnerships

Alliances between academics and industry that work across multiple projects, involve different disciplines, and extend beyond research are truly game-changing.

We've already established one such transformational partnership with Astex Pharmaceuticals. We welcome the opportunity to explore further strategic alliances in the cancer field.

Further information

For more information, visit the University's Services for Business website or contact us:

Dr Phil Elstob