Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Cancer and Ageing

Cancer and Ageing

The Newcastle University Institute for Ageing comprises over 500 researchers from across Newcastle University.

Ageing research is a particular strength for Newcastle University, dating back to 1960s when academics in this area identified the major brain biochemical deficit which causes Alzheimer’s.

Since then, expertise has grown to cover multiple disciplines, covering ‘how we age’, ‘how we can age better’ and ‘how we can meet the meet the global challenge of ageing’.

Cancer research links to all three of these themes, for example:

  • major advances in cellular and biological ageing and age-related diseases
  • health interventions for healthier-disease free ageing
  • examining the processes of ageing in those who experienced cancer at an earlier age
  • Understanding the socio-economic impacts cancer on older people, or the impacts of cancer on different socio-economic groups

Finally, in an expanding ageing society, the importance of cross-cutting cancer and ageing research will grow, due to a larger portion of people living longer and being susceptible to certain cancers, more common in later life.

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