Northern Institute for Cancer Research




We examine the activity of new molecules in a range of cell based assays. We demonstrate that the drug is hitting the intended target and interrogate the effect on downstream signalling pathways and the associated phenotypic consequences.

Research Leader

Steve Wedge


Our work includes engineering cells with reporter constructs or labelled proteins in order to quantify target inhibition. We examine protein activation state or mRNA transcriptional changes in cell lines with endogenous target protein expression. These can lead to the identification of biomarkers for further preclinical and clinical use.

We evaluate small molecule treatment using a range of cell parameters, including:

  • the effect on proliferation rate
  • cell cycle profile
  • apoptosis 
  • clonogenic survival 

As a translationally focused research institute we can access primary patient material. This includes fresh tumour samples and normal bone marrow cultures. These can be used in our drug development work.

We also seek to further refine initial patient selection hypotheses. To do this we use multiple cell lines of a particular histopathology and examine drug activity in relation to diverse molecular pathology. 

Late stage candidates may also be examined in combination with other novel targeted therapies, or standard of care treatment. This helps define their optimal clinical use.

Cells with fluorescent staining



Steve Wedge

Alessio Ianetti
Suzanne Kyle
Sirintra Nakjang
Nicole Phillips
Huw Thomas
Sue Tudhope
Regina Mora Vidal
Elaine Wilmore
Anita Wittner
Yan Zhao



Postgraduate students

Richard Noble
Catherine Willoughby