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Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal Chemistry


We select targets, discover chemical leads and optimise them towards drug molecules. We work in close collaboration with colleagues in bioscience and structural biology.

Research Leaders

Mike Waring
Celine Cano
Ian Hardcastle

Our research programme

Selecting targets based on their novelty and the strength of biological and clinical hypothesis is more chemically challenging than traditional approaches. 

We use our expertise in drug design and chemical synthesis to tackle these challenges. We're guided by structural information and computational analysis. 

We use modern hit finding approaches with an emphasis on fragment based lead generation. We also use high-throughput screening and rational ligand design to generate hit molecules. 

These hits are then optimised using structure and property based design. This generates compounds for target validation and for progression towards clinical candidates.

Enabling Science

In addition to our core activities in drug discovery, we also develop new enabling methodology.  This aims to improve the way we do medicinal chemistry. 

This includes developing:

  • new approaches to compound screening and optimisation
  • chemical biology based methods for target selection and validation
  • new computational methods for modelling protein–ligand interactions


Our laboratories are in the Bedson building. We've excellent facilities for contemporary medicinal chemistry. 

Our synthetic chemistry laboratories are well-equipped for parallel synthesis and automated purification. They house a wide range of analytical facilities including a 500MHz NMR spectrometer. 

We've areas for drug design activities, including the Roger Griffin Molecular Graphics Suite.

Researchers carrying out experiments in our Bedson Medicinal Chemistry lab.



Mike Waring
Celine Cano
Ian Hardcastle
Agnieszka Bronowska
Danny Cole

Greg Aldred
Christine Basmadjian
Suzannah Harnor
Stephen Hobson
Marie Lawson
Duncan Miller
Kate McAdam 
Jane Totobenaza 

Postgraduate students

Mohammed Alyasiri
Alfie Brennan
Daniel Brough
Gemma Davison
Conghao Gai
Amy Heptinstall
James Hunter
Shengying Lin
Daniel Lopez
Pasquale Morese
Alexia Papaioannou
Edwige Picazo
Shaun Stevens



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