Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer

Better treatments for longer, healthier lives.

The Wolfson Childhood Cancer Research Centre was opened in September 2016. The Centre is a new £5.5m facility funded by the Future Fund. It brings together over 90 scientists and clinicians in state-of-the-art facilities, including the NECCR Research Laboratories. 

These multi-disciplinary research teams work to advance our understanding of childhood malignancy. They translate these findings into improved treatments.

Our research encompasses:

  • characterisation of the molecular mechanisms of cancer development
  • exploration, preclinical and clinical evaluation of new treatment targets and concepts
  • biomarker development to improve patient management and deliver personalised therapies

We aim to provide the best possible treatment for every child with cancer.

Our Vision

Advances over the last forty years have delivered good cure rates for many childhood cancers, but there are still many challenges. 

A significant proportion of children will still succumb to their disease. Outcomes are not uniform, either within or between different disease types.  

Current therapies are based on aggressive treatments with significant side effects. These impact the long-term quality of life for many surviving patients.

We are addressing these challenges by:

  • comprehensive characterisation of disease molecular pathology 
  • exploring mechanisms of disease origin, progression and relapse
  • developing novel treatments with improved efficacy and fewer side effects
  • identifying and validating biomarkers to improve patient diagnosis, stratification and management
  • running clinical trials to test new treatment approaches