Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Clinical Trials & Biomarkers

Clinical Trials and Biomarkers

High quality early phase clinical trials and clinical pharmacology research

massspectrometry in the Paul O'Gorman building

The Northern Centre for Cancer Care represents the largest centre of its kind in the North of England. It boasts a continually expanding portfolio of both industry-sponsored and academically-led early phase trials.  

The Newcastle Cancer Centre Pharmacology Group is the principal national centre for running clinical pharmacology studies in childhood cancer in the UK.

Our vision

We aim to optimise patient access to early phase clinical trials. We also aim to focus on the development of novel translational research approaches in an academic setting to deliver improved patient treatment. 

We have a major focus on the delivery of high quality early phase clinical trials with adaptive designs and mechanistic endpoints. This incorporates pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic biomarker studies in both adult and paediatric cancer populations.

We will continue to coordinate a network of leading clinical centres around the UK. These will provide high quality clinical pharmacology research in childhood cancer. 

This will positively impact on treatment by providing adaptive dosing in the most vulnerable groups of paediatric cancer patients. It will result in changes to treatment practices based on a pharmacological rationale.