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Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for the Treatment of C

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for the Treatment of Childhood Cancer Patients

The utility of therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) relates to the measurement of drug levels in biological samples to individualise patient treatment through adaptation of drug dose. This is conducted with a view to improving drug efficacy and/or reducing toxicity. Over several years our group have identified childhood cancer patient subpopulations who clearly benefit from TDM treatment approaches with specific commonly used chemotherapeutics. These patients include pre-term infants and neonates, anephric patients and patients receiving high dose chemotherapy. Clinical pharmacology studies carried out by our group have not only resulted in benefits to patients actively participating in clinical trials and TDM studies conducted at the clinician’s request, but have also resulted in changes to dosing guidelines implemented across Europe and the introduction of national treatment guidelines stipulating the use of TDM dosing. A particular focus of these studies has been on the commonly used anticancer drug carboplatin, with the treatment of patients frequently adjusted based on individual patient exposure to achieve target drug exposures. This approach to treatment has resulted in several key publications, the development and adoption of national treatment guidelines for carboplatin in neonates and infants and funding from the NIHR to expand this work out as a national programme from 2018.


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