Northern Institute for Cancer Research

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Dr Dino Masic

Research Associate


My research interests have been focused on using new technology to improve identification and stratification of B-cell precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (BCP-ALL) patients, with an aim to minimise treatment morbidity and mortality, and relapse. My PhD tackled this area by characterising a rare subgroup of BCP-ALL featuring translocations between the Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain locus (IGH) and the CCAAT Enhance Binding Protein (CEBP) gene family. In my current role in the Irving Group this passion has been transferred into the study of minimal residual disease (MRD), working to improve detection of MRD and also to characterise pathway deregulation within this subgroup of cells, with the aim of exploiting pathway deregulation to more efficiently eliminate the chemoresistant sub-population. As a member of the Irving Group I have had the opportunity to train in the identification of MRD by Flow Cytometry, and also to develop a MRD panel for a new cytometric technique, Mass Cytometry to identify both cell surface and intracellular markers.

Area of expertise: oncology, haematology

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