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Dr Edward Law

Research Associate



I have expertise in pre-clinical analysis of single and multiple chemotherapeutic and targeted agents against childhood leukaemia. I have previous experience of HSP90 biology, and analysis of somatic copy number alterations from patients in clinical trials.


Academic background


I obtained my integrated Master’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Bath in 2011, and obtained a PhD in cancer studies from the University of Leicester in 2016.


  • 2011, Bath - Master of Biochemistry (MBiochem)
  • 2016, University of Leicester - Doctor of Philosophy in Cancer Sciences (PhD) 

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Research Interests

I am interested in the genetic determinants of drug sensitivity in human cancers. Combining ex vivo, in vivo and bioinformatics approaches, I hope to discover new genetic weaknesses to exploit. I am particularly interested in analyses of genetic data from tumour samples in clinical trials. 

I have recently become very interested in the potential of machine learning in bio-imaging applications.

I have experience in the analysis of somatic copy number alterations and their link to survival.

Current Work

My current work focuses on developing high-throughput methods to assess novel drug combinations, in patient-derived xenograft (PDX) models of leukaemia. I am developing an image processing pipeline to rapidly assess the efficacy of drugs in a PDX-coculture plafform. This pipeline involves a machine-learning component, in order to distinguish different cell types in the fluorescence-microscopy images. Ultimately we hope to role this out to test novel drug combinations on patient samples, in order to inform clinical decision making.



BMS3010 - Genetics and Human DiseaseSeminars in 2017 & 2018

Project Student Supervision

Intercalated Master's Student Supervision 2018 - Will Griffiths

Undergraduate Project Supervision 2019