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Dr Florence Burte

Research Associate


After completing my PhD in 2011 on the mitochondrial proteome in cell models of Parkinson’s disease, at Nottingham Trent University, I went on specialising using proteomics and metabolomics tools to study a range of diseases for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes.

I carried out biomarker discovery in biological fluids in relevance to pre-eclampsia (Nottingham Trent University) and childhood malaria (NIMR, London) using mass spectrometry and immunoarray platforms. More recently, I have also used metabolomics platforms to detect markers of severity for a range of mitochondrial optic neuropathies as part of the Welcome Centre for Mitochondrial research group within the mitochondrial inherited optic neuropathy group led by Dr Patrick Yu-Wai-Man. In parallel, I also used single-cell assays to detect markers for mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle from patients.

I am now using proteomics and metabolomics tools to study the molecular pathways involved medulloblastoma in the view to discover potential therapeutic targets.

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Medulloblastoma is the most malignant pediatric brain tumour. Recent advances have allowed the biological sub-classification of medulloblastoma. Group 3 has the poorest outcome with amplification of MYC associated with highest risk. Using metabolomics and proteomics tools, my objective is to understand the molecular pathways involved medulloblastoma subgroups to help provide novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers for diagnostic purposes.