Northern Institute for Cancer Research

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Dr Jonathan May

Research Associate


Jonathan has a Chemistry MSci from Durham University and a Chemistry PhD from the University of Southampton. Jonathan was awarded a fellowship from the Royal Society to join the lab of Prof David Perrin at the Univerity of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) and then took subsequent Post-doc/Research Associate positions at the translation insitutes: the Centre for Drug Research and Development (Vancouver, Canada) and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (Toronto, Canada).


Following these positions Jonathan moved to the University of British Columbia to assist with his supervisor establishing an independent group, before returning to the UK, where Jonathan accepted a position at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research. Jonathan is currently working on a peptide-drug conjugate/thermogel delivery system for brain cancer, but has a breadth of experience from medicinal and biological chemistry to stimuli-induced triggered relase nanpoparticle drug delivery formulations for cancer.

Jonathan's areas of expertise include chemistry, drug delivery, nanomedicine and cancer.

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