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Dr Natalie Tatum

Research Associate



I am currently a post-doctoral research associate working as part of the structural biology group led by Professors Jane Endicott and Martin Noble in the Drug Discovery Group at the Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University.

I completed my PhD in 2015 at Durham University under the supervision of Dr. Ehmke Pohl, using virtual screening methods to identify novel inhibitors of the bacterial transcriptional regulator EthR from Mycobacterium tuberculosis. During this time I was awarded an EMBO Short-Term Fellowship to work in the lab of Professor Lynn Kamerlin in Uppsala University, where I utilised molecular dynamics and linear interaction energy (LIE) calculations to investigate the binding energies and binding modes of protein-ligand complexes identified during my doctoral work.

I have a particular interest in studying DNA-binding proteins, particularly in disease settings, and using both biophysical and computational techniques to investigate transcription factor structure and function. My areas of expertise are drug discovery, computational chemistry and biophysics.

Outreach & Engagement

I have a long-standing passion for science outreach and communication. In 2016 I was part of the team which brought the Pint of Science festival to Newcastle for the first time, running the social media and publicity efforts for the highly successful three days of events. In 2017, I took on additional responsibility for organising and chairing the Our Society theme, liaising with the SAgE and HaSS faculties to bring social science research to Pint of Science in Newcastle.

I am currently one of the three regional Outreach and Engagement Co-ordinators for the Young Crystallographers Group of the British Crystallographic Association, in addition to my duties to the YCG committee as representative of the Biological Structures interest group.

Google Scholar: Natalie J. Tatum