Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Staff Profile

Dr Rebecca Hill

Academic Clinical Lecturer


Why did you choose Newcastle?

Having completed my PhD in Prof Steve Clifford’s Paediatric Brain Tumour Group, Northern Institute for Cancer research (NICR), undertaking my clinical lectureship in Newcastle University will enable me to build on my initial findings in relapsed medulloblastoma.  The Paediatric Brain Tumour Group is internationally renowned for its translational research and continuing to work within this team of researchers will provide me with the platform for future research endeavours and fellowship applications.  Additionally, there is a great momentum overall in paediatric oncology research within the NICR, with the expansion of research groups and new facilities imminent, providing further opportunities for collaboration and the development of research ideas.  Newcastle University is therefore an exciting and ideal place for me to continue my academic career whilst completing my clinical training.

What are your aspirations for your time on the Clinical Academic Training Path?

During my clinical academic training I intend to continue my research into the biological mechanisms of disease relapsed in childhood medulloblastoma, focusing on many of the discoveries I made during my PhD.  Alongside this I will gain experience in supervising students, writing grant applications and publications whilst also building collaborations with researchers both within the NICR and the medulloblastoma research community as a whole.  Ultimately during my time as an Academic Clinical Lecturer I intend to complete my clinical training and apply for Clinical Fellowships.