Northern Institute for Cancer Research

Staff Profile

Professor Stephen Proctor

Emeritus Professor


Roles and Responsibilities

Head of University Department of Haematology with responsibility for administration of University staff and non-medical research staff. Examiner at all levels of undergraduate teaching. Supervisor of B.Med Sci projects. Clinical Director of Haematological Services for Newcastle Hospitals NHS Trust, (excluding NHS Laboratory Services).



Previous Positions

Previous member of the University Research Committee and Faculty Research Committee.


REGIONAL: Lead clinician for Regional Haematology audit, linked closely to the Regional Research Programme. Co-organiser of the total regional data collection on haematological malignancy. Member of the Northern Region Consultant Haematology Group (previous Chairman). Chairman of the Regional Leukaemia/Lymphoma Research organisation and member of the Regional Research and Development Advisory Committee. Previous member of the Northern & Yorkshire Regional Committee for Implementation of the Calman Cancer Proposals. NATIONAL: Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists. Joint Regional Advisor to the British Society of Haematology and College of Pathologists. Member of the UK Cancer Research Study Group for Marrow Transplant in the UK. Executive member of the UK Cancer Co-ordinating Committee for Lymphoma. Member of the national Leukaemia Research Fund Scientific Group. INTERNATIONAL: Member of the European Bone Marrow Transplant Group. Member of the International Society of Haematology. Member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Visiting assessor of INSERM Research Units in France. Regularly invited guest speaker to international congresses. EDITORIAL: Board Member of Leukaemia and Bone Marrow Transplantation Journals.


Research Interests

Extensive expertise in clinico-laboratory research in leukaemia in adults. (Immunology, biochemical, molecular biological and clinical aspects) Clinical trials in leukaemia (adult) and malignant lymphoma. Population study methodology in haematology and cancer. Organisation of regional and supra-regional clinical and laboratory study groups in haematological oncology. (PACE - population adusted clinical epidemiology group).

Other Expertise

Experienced clinical teacher and post-graduate trainer for Specialist Registrars. Organisation and management of academic and clinical departments. Consultant for introduction of PACE programmes in diverse areas of medicine.

Future Research

During the existence of the clinico-laboratory group, major experience and results have allowed the team to be regarded as one of the UK leaders in management and investigation in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in adults, Hodgkin's disease and aspects of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Much of the laboratory programme relates to these diseases. In addition, the group is regarded as one of the leaders in investigation of graft versus host disease biology in vitro. The overall clinical programme has developed to provide a novel population-based approach to clinical research work, designated as population-adjusted clinical epidemiology (PACE). The next four years will see evolution and progression in all the above mentioned areas with an emphasis taken on applied laboratory activity related to the clinical research areas indicated. It is anticipated that Newcastle will become the major organisational centre for haematological clinical research on a supra-regional basis, including Scotland and the rest of the North of England.


1980 - 2000 Several million pounds in regional and national research grants. Leukaemia Research Fund Centre 1988 to 1996. Current staff of 35, 80% externally funded. EU grant 2001 (Dr Anne Dickinson lead investigator) 2.2 MILLION ECU. £1.5 million funding for new academic unit 2001 - 2002.