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Special Issue of Eurochoices focused on SURE-Farm project

Special Issue of Eurochoices focused on SURE-Farm project

18 December 2020

The project aims to analyse, assess and improve the resilience and sustainability of farms and farming systems in the EU.

The project includes 16 partners throughout Europe and is led by Wageningen University. CCRI’s involvement with the project is led by Mauro Vigani and also includes Rob BerryDamian Maye, Paul Courtney Julie UrquhartJasmine Black and Amr Khafagy studying resilience and risk management in the East of England’s arable farming sector.

Showcasing findings from the SURE-Farm project

The Special Issue of Eurochoices showcases the work and findings from the SURE-Farm project. These have become even more pertinent since the COVID-19 pandemic due to heightened awareness of food systems and pressures they have faced in light of unprecedented global events. Articles in the Special Issue distinguish three resilience capacities; that of ‘robustness’, ‘adaptability’ and ‘transformability’.

Articles which CCRI researchers have contributed to are:


Full contents of the Special Issue can be found on the Eurochoices webpage. All articles are available freely and Open Access.