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Join us as a policy advisor and help shape our rural economies

Join us as a policy advisor and help shape our rural economies

18 February 2021

Are you well-connected in policy and business communities?

Do you share our ambition to raise the performance and recognition of England’s rural enterprises and their contributions to sustainable economies?

If yes, we want to hear from you.

We have consultancy opportunities for suitably skilled and experienced policy advisors to work closely with our researchers to help achieve our aim of being the go-to resource’ for businesses, advisors, and national and regional policy makers wishing to access rural enterprise research and insight.

These advisors will be well-networked within policy communities in the UK Government, Local Enterprise Partnerships and economic agencies, with specialist policy-focused knowledge of enterprise and innovation, and experience in translating evidence for decision makers and advisors.

The expected impact of these advisors to NICRE will be stronger, more visible evidence-based policy design, delivery and support for rural enterprise and innovation that will link the contributions, and challenges, of rural enterprise into wider policies and programmes.

If you can offer such qualities, for up to around 100 days to July 2023, please submit a tender by 22 March 2021.

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Key functions

Key functions of the role to support our relevance and impact include:

  1. To facilitate and build sustained relationships with policy stakeholders (nationally to locally), and provide early insight into policy developments and delivery and opportunities for NICRE to contribute;
  2. To organise and help facilitate NICRE’s Rural Enterprise Forum and associated activities;
  3. To work with the NICRE team to inform research and analysis and produce associated policy-relevant dissemination to target and tailor NICRE outputs.

We are also interested to identify candidates who bring different policy specialisms and expertise, strengths and connections and might tackle specific, but not necessarily all, aspects of the brief. For example, policy advice to Central Government and Parliamentary bodies; or policy advice in relation to local, regional and sub-national bodies and programmes. On this basis NICRE may proceed to appoint one, or more than one, individual.

To find out more about the role and apply, search NU/1613 on the Procontract website. To informally discuss or ask any questions regarding the position, please contact

Queries relating to registering or access should be directed to pro-contract directly at