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Analysis of Welsh small business behaviours

Analysis of Welsh small business behaviours

30 July 2021

SME performance

The National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise (NICRE) has contributed to the analysis of the Longitudinal Small Business Survey 2019 for the Welsh Government.

NICRE’s Thao Nguyen, a research associate in quantitative data analysis, led the analysis together with Ian Drummond from the Enterprise Research Centre, one of NICRE’s founding university partners.

Stephen Roper, NICRE co-director, was part of the team which analysed the data and prepared the report. They also presented findings to various stakeholders of the Welsh Government.

SMEs, Longitudinal Small Business Survey, Welsh Government

Three main areas

This report focused on SME employers in Wales in:

  1. Business demographics
  2. Business performance and outlook, including business growth, profitability and ambition
  3. Business behaviours and practices, including innovation activities, international exports and imports, training activities, business plans, working for public sector, use of business support, access to finance, and major obstacles to business objectives. 

The Longitudinal Small Business Survey is a large-scale telephone survey commissioned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

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