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Mobile Laboratories

Mobile Laboratories

Providing state-of-the-art on-farm diagnostics and solutions to crop health problems

Our mobile labs are a part of the Centre for Crop Health and Protection. The labs bring molecular diagnostics and other advanced equipment from the lab to the farm.

They are autonomous in-field laboratories for testing herbicide, pesticide and antibiotic resistance throughout Europe. They span levels of molecular detection from DNA to proteins and metabolites.

The labs allow us to engage with the farming industry. They allow us to demonstrate our research in the field to improve collaboration, uptake and knowledge between farmers, researchers and industry.

Current capabilities for mobile lab assessments

Our labs offer soil testing, pathogen testing and testing for nearly all forms of resistance and disease, such as septoria, quickly and cheaply.

We provide Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) and DNA amplification technology.

The labs also offer precision farming, intelligent pest control and antibiotic resistance management.

Download: Mobile Labs (2MB)

We have four mobile laboratories available for use anywhere in the country.