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One Planet

One Planet

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We are looking to grow our One Planet research in distinctive and innovative ways and welcome candidates from across (and between) all disciplines related to this area, opening in summer 2022. 

In 2019 Newcastle University declared a climate emergency and committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. Climate and environmental resilience, clean and affordable energy as well as sustainability are key challenges which would be addressed by NUAcT Fellowships in this area. Fellows would be embedded into a supportive multidisciplinary environment which includes the following Newcastle University Centres of Research Excellence: Energy, Water, Climate and Environmental Resilience, Healthier Lives, Heritage, Mobility and Transport, Cities and Landscapes. The newly created, multidisciplinary School X will invite all NUAcT Fellows to come together and explore ideas for inter-disciplinary and cross-sector collaborations.

Our NUAcT fellowships will galvanise and build research momentum across the University around a number of different opportunity areas which may relate to technology; mapping; monitoring and simulation; policy; new business models; regulatory frameworks; social and environmental considerations; creative practice and communication; adoption of innovations; behaviour change and education; innovative interdisciplinary approaches to social justice in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

We are welcoming applications aligned to our One Planet theme in the following opportunity areas:

One Planet at Newcastle University

We are reducing the environmental impact of our campus and the University has achieved a First Class Honours award in the People and Planet University League annually since 2012. Alongside our Centres of Research Excellence, our Fellows will also benefit from the experience of the Institute for Agri-food Research and Innovation, National Innovation Centre for Data, National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise (NICRE) and The McCord Centre for Landscape.

We lead two of 12 UK Global Challenge Research Hubs (Living Deltas, and Water Security and Sustainable Development), and we host the world’s first Hub for Biotechnology and the Built Environment. The Newcastle Helix site includes the National Green Infrastructure Facility, the Urban Observatory and experimental energy infrastructure including energy storage, district energy and innovative building management.

We host the National Centre for Energy Systems Integration, funded by EPSRC and Siemens, and the Supergen Energy Networks Hub and we are members of the Tyndall Centre. Our research infrastructure also includes coastal stations, including the Dove Marine Laboratory and the Blyth Marine Station, NU Farms and the Siemens Smart Laboratory. We are forming an Advanced Circular Economy Demonstrator with Procter & Gamble. Our Centres for Doctoral Training include Geospatial Systems, IAPETUS2, One Planet, Renewable Energy at North East Universities and the Bioscience for Sustainable Consumer Products CTP (sponsored by P&G and BBSRC).

The application window for this theme is now closed.