Newcastle University Academic Track Fellowships NUAcT

Adam Wollman

Dr Adam Wollman

I develop new microscopes which can directly image individual biological molecules at work in living cells. This technology has lots of applications so I collaborate with many life scientists but I focus on questions related to diabetes and cells ability to sense and respond to signals, including glucose and insulin. Here I use model yeast and mouse cells, to observe the protein molecules which transport glucose or switch genes on and off. I try to understand how they work in healthy cells or when things go wrong in diseases like diabetes.

I started my scientific career as a physicist before applying these skills to the life sciences, where many of the most interesting scientific problems are left to solve. I worked with many great groups at the Universities of Oxford and York and collaborated with many others around the world. I applied to NUAcT to start my own independent lab at a world class university which supports the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of research and maintains a collegiate and inclusive environment. The fellowship will give me the time, space and resources to establish a really exciting program of research.