Newcastle University Academic Track Fellowships NUAcT

Chris Hackney

Dr Chris Hackney

My research aims to improve our understanding of the ways in which deltas respond to human induced changes to their sediment load. One of the biggest, unconstrained risks to global deltas is the removal of sand from river channels. Current global demand for sand (50,000 Mt yr-1) significantly outstrips the total estimated global sediment flux from rivers (19,000 Mt yr-1), and as such sand extraction is having major impacts on the behaviour of deltaic regions. Throughout my career I have investigated the transport of sediment and water through large rivers and deltas, and this NUAcT fellowship gives me the opportunity to delve, in detail, into one of the greatest environmental risks facing global river systems today. The opportunity, afforded by the NUAcT scheme, to work across disciplines at Newcastle University provides a great platform to address the issues raised by sand mining, as it is truly an interdisciplinary issue (driven by economics, regulated by national and international politics by resulting in physical changes to the landscape). Having a young family, the NUAcT programme offer a chance to ensure I have a healthy work-life balance whilst working towards leaving the environment in a better state for my children and future generations to come.