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Chris Stewart

Dr Chris Stewart

Babies born very preterm are underdeveloped and have abnormal bacterial colonisation of the gut, placing them at significant risk of life-threatening disease. Maternal breast milk contains sugars that cannot be digested by humans but are instead used by beneficial bacteria to grow inside the baby’s gut. My lab works closely with the neonatal intensive care unit to access patient samples (that would otherwise be discarded) to research how breast milk sugars and gut bacteria contribute to protection from disease.

After obtaining my PhD and doing my first post-doc in the UK, I moved to America to gain new expertise as a post-doc for 3 years at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston TX. After this I returned to home city of Newcastle to take up my dream position of running a research group at Newcastle University.

I am a STEM ambassador and work with local schools to promote STEM careers to pupils. I also sit on the medical advisory panels for charities and help with fundraising and raising awareness. Balancing the busy work schedule with the rest of life, I also make time for golf, climbing, and more recently DIY.