Newcastle University Academic Track Fellowships NUAcT

David Greenwood

Dr David Greenwood

As an engineering researcher, I am interested in providing novel solutions to real-world problems. My first degree followed a General Engineering curriculum for two years, before I specialised into Mechanical Engineering and then New and Renewable Energy. This has given me a broad knowledge base, which is a big advantage given the interdisciplinary nature of many energy research projects. My PhD was funded by Scottish Power Energy Networks. Prior to starting my NUAcT fellowship, I worked as a post-doctoral researcher on a variety of projects funded by industry and research councils. I enjoy contributing to outreach events, and have taken part in several public lectures and panel discussions.

My fellowship was a targeted award working on whole systems approaches to energy. I am looking at how flexibility within energy systems – the ability to temporarily alter the system state – can be used to counteract uncertainty within those systems. Uncertainty arises on a variety of temporal and spatial scales, from the second-by-second fluctuations in the output of a wind turbine, to the long-term energy usage of millions of people. My research uses probabilistic methods, mathematical models, and control theory.