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Francesco Carer

Dr Francesco Carrer

The PLAS project

There is a strong debate today about livestock farming. Environmentalists claim that we should stop producing and eating meat and dairy, and they are increasingly backed by the scientific community. But what would happen to our ecosystems if we were to stop raring cattle, sheep and goats for good? In particular, what would happen to marginal rural areas, where pastoralism is still an important subsistence strategy? In order to answer this critical question, we need to answer another question first: what has been the impact of livestock farming on rural landscapes and environments? In order to do that, PLAS will apply a trans-disciplinary methodology (bridging anthropology, geoscience and computer modelling) in four case-studies in Turkey, Southern Italy and the Alps.

My profile

I am an archaeologist by training, but rather than conventional archaeologist I see myself as an interdisciplinary scholar interested in socio-ecological dynamics in the past, with a specific focus on mountainous landscapes and pastoral communities. All these interests fed into my NUAcT application, and the NUAcT fellowship provides me with the unique opportunity to further expand my unique research profile.

I am willing to promote the development of novel computational methods in the humanities, and to collaborate with local stakeholders for enhancing the societal impact of my research. I am committed to support fairness and inclusion in the research group and to positively contribute to my workplace culture.