Newcastle University Academic Track Fellowships NUAcT

Mark Griffiths

Dr Mark Griffiths

My research as a NUAcT Fellow is orientated around the theme ‘a critical geopolitics of development’ and is focused on analyses of military occupation and ethical inquiry in geographical research. I work primarily in Palestine where I collaborate with local academic partners and NGOs to document and better understand life in the context of occupation. On ethics, I have given talks and written on research practice and positionality in fieldwork settings in the ‘global South’. 

I completed my post-graduate studies at University College London and King’s College London and have held faculty positions at University of Oulu (Finland) and Northumbria University. During this time I have worked on and led projects funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Leverhulme Trust and British Academy. I have been able to grow a strong research profile and broad networks that I intend to develop further during the NUAcT Fellowship.

Please contact me for research collaboration or post-graduate supervision, and also for questions about the NUAcT scheme. I am always happy to make new connections!