Newcastle University Academic Track Fellowships NUAcT

Rachel Maclean

Rachel Maclean

I make satirical video art and film that comments on the troubling and frequently absurd nature of contemporary existence. Working largely in green-screen, I restage myths and fairytales in hyper-saturated near futures, touching on issues of national identity, class, and gender. On the surface, my work can appear saccharine and inviting, however, this belies a darker, more unsettling interior.

My current research is titled ‘Surface Gloss and Inner Rot’ and looks at how contemporary consumer capitalism privileges surface over substance. I want to explore what effect this preoccupation with surface has on individuals and as a broader society and ask whether an obsession with appearance has made us ill-equipped to deal with deeper collective problems.

As a NUAcT Fellow I want to collaborate with academics in other disciplines to unpick my research questions and find new angles to approach the subject. I would also like to work collaboratively to explore the potential of new technologies such as live capture green-screen, deepfakes, AR and VR.

My current projects include ‘Fake Blondes’ a deepfake and XR project which I will be developing over the course of the next two years; ‘upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop’ my first permanent outdoor video installation sculpture at Jupiter Artland; and ‘Melted’ a film treatment selected for Attagirl Film Lab with producer Ohna Falby of Life to Live Films Ltd.