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Sergey Melkinov

Dr Sergey Melkinov

Sergey’s research covers a broad range of topics unified by a single theme – the problem of evolution in the World that Darwin never saw – in the World of microscopic molecules that inhabit bodies of all living creatures on our Planet. Sergey employs experimental evolution and molecular paleontology to study how pathogenic bacteria acquire (or fail to acquire) resistance to drugs and how proteins and nucleic acids adapt to extreme environments.

 Sergey’s life goals include: a weekly lunch appointment with Bill Gates, to be George Church’s “godson” and to create the World’s largest museum of 3D-models of proteins, nucleic acids and other macromolecular entities that comprise a living cell – so that people can see with their naked eyes (and touch with their bare hands) how life looks and works as it would be magnified by 100,000,000 times. If interested in the full list, please email