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Language Skills symposium leads to research network & workshop

NUHRI-supported symposium prompts international network and online scholarly community

On 16th March 2016, the Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute (NUHRI), in collaboration with Kate De Rycker (Newcastle) and Peter Auger (London, Queen Mary) held a symposium promoting foreign language skills and transnational collaboration in the humanities. This event was attended by twenty participants from Newcastle, Northumbria, York, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Durham, the majority PhD students and early career researchers.

This workshop also led to the creation of an online network using funding from Peter Auger’s British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award (BARSEA) which examined how researchers might develop working practices that better reflect the transnational and multilingual nature of research. The Early Modern Boundaries Network was launched in Autumn 2016, hosted by the start-up company Mobilize, and will run until January 2019. At this time, the network has 172 members from six continents, who can ask and answer research questions in their area of specialisation for other members. Anyone interested in joining this network can find out more about the role of this online community and how to join on the Early Modern Boundaries website.

For early career researchers and PhD students in the North East, there will be a free follow-up event called ‘Thinking Across Borders’ hosted at Newcastle University on the 18th September, 2017. This event will discuss the benefits for young researchers in building their own collaborative research environments beyond their research institutions and disciplines, and will suggest showcase opportunities for participants to build their own online research community using open access resources. For more information about this free event, email Dr Kate De Rycker ( or visit the Interdisciplinary Research Network’s website.

'Map of Europe shaped as a virgin' (1582) Heinrich Buenting
'Map of Europe shaped as a virgin' (1582) Heinrich Buenting

published on: 20 July 2017