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Get Involved

We very much want our student researchers to contribute to the urgent task of re-imagining the future to counter the multiple emergencies: climate change, loss of biodiversity, soil erosion and a water crisis, and intergenerational justice.

Challenge Labs and Writing Workshops

The challenge lab focuses on theme of digital waste, the huge carbon footprint associated with our digital lifestyle. What would happen if our digital communications suddenly took on a material presence? We want student-researchers to work as an interdisciplinary team, to explore and establish their own interdisciplinary definitions of digital waste, to consider ways in which human society’s digital carbon footprint can be mapped and made visible.

As part of the Writing Workshop we want to write our own carbon story in the light of the climate emergency, the second Great Acceleration since 1989, and the rise of artificial photosynthesis. We want to bring together lecturers and students, natural scientists and humanities scholars alike from Newcastle University.

These events are by the Decisive Decade initiative, hosted by the Newcastle University Humanities Research Centre (NUHRI) and the Anthropocene Research Group and you can find out more about each event through the respective links below.

Challenge Lab: Digital Waste

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The exercise of thinking about digital or e-waste.

Science & Writing: Carbon, Life Biosphere

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A creative writing workshop.

Challenge Lab: Intergenerational Justice

Analyse the human condition today through the lens of intergenerational justice.

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