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Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities


There is a wealth of valuable research at the intersection of the Digital world and the Humanities happening at Newcastle University: from research making practical use of digital methodologies, to digital perspectives, approaches and the study of digital cultures itself.

Research in the (very broadly defined) field of Digital Humanities at Newcastle University is distinguished by its variety: researchers are working in areas as diverse as scholarly digital editing, digital cultural heritage, digital art, human-computer interaction, and the relationship between the Humanities and Artificial Intelligence. This diverse portfolio of research interests is constantly expanding, and so too is our membership thanks to our many initiatives - like Coding for Humanists - designed to upskill colleagues from a more traditional Humanities background.

Digital Humanities at Newcastle University is interdisciplinary, collaborative and inclusive. It brings together fields as diverse as literary studies and law, and history and geography, to work alongside biomedicine, computer and data science. We support and contribute to Animating Text Newcastle University, the Centre for Data, and Digital Institute, and we align with the National Innovation Centre for Data (NIC-D)Creative Fuse North East, and Open Lab.

Along with the support for ongoing research, Digital Humanities promotes regular events [link to events] (workshops, visiting speakers), raising awareness of the work in the discipline and helping researchers stay connected to each other, fostering collaboration and curiosity.


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