Infectious Diseases Facility

Training and Booking

Training and Booking

Both internal and external researchers must be fully trained before using the Facility. Find out what training you need to do, and how to arrange it.

University staff

The University has a legal obligation to make sure all staff are suitably trained for their role in the work place.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences has created a mandatory safety training matrix. This is available on the Faculty's internal site.

The matrix lists the required courses that staff must attend before accessing the Facility. The University Occupational Health and Safety Service runs these courses.

You also have to attend the Facility induction.

External customers

External customers must provide evidence of training. This must be correspondent to the Faculty's safety training matrix.

You also have to attend the Facility induction.

You can take the following training courses at the University:

  • Containment Level 3
  • Basic Health and Safety (or Institute/School Induction)
  • Basic Fire Safety
  • Biological and Genetic Modification Safety
  • Chemical Safety
  • Transport of Biological Material

Book the Facility

You'll need to provide evidence of your training.

When you meet our training requirements, we'll give you a login ID and password. You use these details to access the booking system.

Book a session using our online booking system.

Opening times

Weekdays 09:00 - 17:00

Closed on public holidays.

Out-of-hours’ work is not permitted.