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  • Top Tips For Your First Week At NUMed

    Beginning university can be really exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming too! It’s best to be clued up on a few things that can really help you calm those nerves as you pack up and start on one of the most exciting journeys of your life.

    published on: 3 September 2019

  • Reaping the Benefits of Student Clubs & Societies

    In today’s world, a university degree means more than it has ever before. One way in which Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) differs from other universities is its emphasis on well-rounded education. While academic performance is important and should be a key priority for all students, learning and honing crucial soft skills will stand them in good stead when they enter the workforce and advance in their careers in future.

    published on: 20 August 2019

  • The Making of Future-Ready Graduates

    Recent studies and research on job portals have named biomedical sciences as one of the most demanded careers in Malaysia [ ] [ ]. A study that is gravitated toward research-oriented and lab-based tasks, this course prepares the individual to further indulge into human physiology in health and diseases besides getting hands-on experience in managing laboratory techniques.

    published on: 20 August 2019

  • Integrating Community Engagement into Academic Excellence: NUMed’s Community Outreach Programmes

    Engaging in community outreach programmes provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. Community service or volunteerism enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most. Such initiative is bolstered by Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) devoting itself to quality education and aligning their curricula with the needs of the community.

    published on: 20 August 2019

  • The Importance of English Fluency in the Medical Field

    To be a great doctor, you need to be an exceptional communicator who can convey complex messages clearly to your patients and colleagues. Thus, it is essential for doctors to be extraordinarily adept at languages, especially English. This is not to say that native languages such as Malay, Mandarin, or Tamil should be neglected. However, English fluency occupies a uniquely crucial space in the medical field for several vital reasons.

    published on: 20 August 2019

  • NUMed Student Achieves Outstanding Academic Success

    Medical school is known for being exceptionally challenging, medical students are required to not just master book upon book of complex scientific knowledge but also be effective communicators, critical thinkers and problem solvers. So how does one not just survive in medical school but excel distinctively to become a top multiple award-winning medical student?

    published on: 31 July 2019

  • 6th Congregation Shines Spotlight on Achievement and Dedication of NUMed Students

    Academic achievements of Malaysia’s medical students were celebrated at the Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia’s (NUMed) 6th Congregation ceremony on 21st July 2019. A total of 133 students received their scrolls during this auspicious event, with 110 of them from the university’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme, and five from its BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences programme.

    published on: 19 July 2019

  • NUMed_ Why Consider a Degree in Biomedical Sciences

    Biomedical sciences is currently at the heart of medical breakthroughs in the healthcare industry. A combination of biology and medicine, it provides an overview of biochemistry and physiology, anatomy and histology, as well as epidemiology, and pharmacology. From creating artificial muscles to treat diseases to looking at the brain to comprehend anxiety and stress, a biomedical scientist is at the helm of scientific and laboratory research, pioneering breakthroughs in medical discoveries. So, why should you choose biomedical sciences? Here are three common yet fundamental reasons.

    published on: 4 July 2019

  • Newcastle University Ranked Top 10 for Graduate Prospects

    Graduating with a degree in hand does not always guarantee a smooth career path. In fact, youth unemployment in Malaysia in 2017 was at a worrying 10.8%.[1] In this highly competitive job market, many students are wracked with anxiety at the prospect of not being able to find employment upon graduation. This is where having a distinguished qualification from an institution with a reputation for educational excellence may help graduates gain a competitive edge.

    published on: 1 July 2019

  • The Education Awards (TEAs): Real Life Heroes in Education

    Newcastle University, UK, hosted a glamorous awards ceremony to celebrate its educators across all its campuses on 9 May 2019. The ceremony was held to announce the winners of the University’s The Education Awards (TEAs).

    published on: 19 June 2019

  • Solving global issues through international collaboration with NICOT (Newcastle International: Change-makers of Tomorrow)

    For three days, June 14th to 16th 2019, some of the best and brightest students from all around the globe were gathered together in Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) to tackle some of the most pressing global issues today. Organised by students of NUMed, the event, NICOT, united the student bodies from all three Newcastle University campuses in UK, Malaysia and Singapore through the formation of cross-national and campus groups.

    published on: 19 June 2019

  • 3 Ways To Spice Up Your Summer Break

    You spent the past month or so working hard to complete your assignments for the semester and wringing your brains dry binge-studying for your exams. So you’ve decided to reward yourself by wallowing in Netflix and sleep, and just avoiding doing anything productive during your long-awaited summer break.

    published on: 18 June 2019

  • Growth and Discovery in the UK: NUMed’s Summer Placement Programme

    Summer breaks aren’t just a time of rest and relaxation; they are also the perfect chance for growth and exploration – to try out new experiences, expand our horizons, and enhance ourselves. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia’s (NUMed) Summer Placement programme provides just that by presenting its students with the opportunity to participate in a research project overseas at Newcastle University, UK.

    published on: 21 May 2019

  • Students Take the Lead: Clinical Experience at NUMed

    Given the right platform, students can be tomorrow's movers and shakers. Bhirom Sugontha, known as Su, an ambitious student from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, is forging her pathway at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed).

    published on: 8 May 2019

  • Global Experts Convene in Malaysia to Tackle Acute Medical Challenges at Regional Conference 2019

    Over 150 world-renowned key physicians and doctors have gathered in Malaysia for Regional Conference 2019 to share knowledge and research and spur innovation in Acute Medicine – a new and emerging field that plays an increasingly important and critical role in healthcare.

    published on: 2 May 2019

  • What makes a successful doctor-patient relationship?

    According to Dr Clare Guilding, the Dean of Academic Affairs at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), “A central clinical function in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, effective doctor-patient communication lies at the heart and art of medicine. This factor holds a significant role in defining the quality of healthcare delivery. In fact, a breakdown in doctor-patient relationship is the root cause of patient dissatisfaction and complaints.”

    published on: 17 April 2019

  • Amazing Careers You Can Pursue with a Biomedical Sciences degree

    Biomedical Sciences (BMS) is the field of research that is dedicated to advancing the knowledge, technology and treatments in healthcare. A BMS programme will give you great insight into human body, as well as in depth scientific analytical and laboratory skills. This unique combination makes Biomedical Sciences graduates highly sought after. In fact, there are an amazing array of exciting careers awaiting you if you choose to study Biomedical Sciences.

    published on: 9 April 2019

  • Is A Career in Medicine Right for You?

    Wondering if you have what it takes to become a doctor? Aside from the capability to deal with blood and guts on a daily basis, here are some important criteria that can help you decide if medicine is for you.

    published on: 9 April 2019

  • The First Step towards Excellence: Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at NUMed

    The path towards an undergraduate degree in Medicine is known to be distinctively challenging. Many new medical students find it difficult to adjust to the demands of medical school. Fortunately, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia’s (NUMed) Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme ensures students will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills required to thrive and excel in their journey.

    published on: 9 April 2019

  • An Opportunity to be Part of Ground-breaking Discoveries

    “Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought,” declared Albert Szent-Györgyi, a Hungarian biochemist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine 1937. Did you know that some of the major discoveries in the field of healthcare – from insulin to heparin, the sinoatrial node to ether anaesthesia – are made by medical students? This is a potent reminder of what dedicated medical students are capable of achieving. And if they can do it, why not you?

    published on: 14 March 2019

  • NUMed Games 2019

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) offers students plenty of opportunities to stay active. One of them is its annual NUMed Games. Introduced in 2014, the event has become a platform for students to participate in sports and outdoor activities, upholding the university’s vision of providing its students with a holistic educational experience.

    published on: 14 March 2019

  • How NUMed Students Are Better Equipped For Future Careers

    At Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia’s (NUMed) lively multicultural campus, students can be sure that their course of study is not only building them for a professional career, but also providing a balanced learning experience. According to Libby Emerson, an exchange student from Newcastle University, UK, “I have had an amazing time getting to know the students here, being able to appreciate cultural differences and the way that medicine is delivered, and also travelling in my spare time. It has been an interesting and valuable experience!”

    published on: 14 March 2019

  • Top 5 Reasons to Visit NUMed’s Open Day

    Want to find out more about being a doctor or biomedical scientist? Come check out Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia’s (NUMed) upcoming Open Days on 17th and 24th August 2019. This will be a great chance for you to:

    published on: 14 March 2019

  • NUMed’s Student Activities: Benefitting Your Present and Future

    For one, student activities are a great way for you to explore your passions and interests outside of academics. Furthermore, these activities not only strengthen peer relationships in the present but are also an excellent way to enhance one’s interpersonal capabilities, including leadership, presentation and stress management skills as well as team work, all of which could provide students a distinct advantage stepping into the working world.

    published on: 6 March 2019

  • Broadening Horizons with a Global Educational Experience

    A world-class university with a strong international community and reputation, Newcastle University is committed to providing its students with a global educational experience to do embrace boarder perspectives in a connected world. One such effort is an annual student exchange programme between Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), its international branch campus located in Johor, Malaysia, and the UK campus.

    published on: 6 March 2019

  • The Brilliance of Biomedical Sciences

    Biomedical sciences is a field of research that is dedicated to advancing knowledge, technology and treatments in healthcare. Specifically, it is defined as the set of science disciplines that focuses on life processes at all levels – from molecular and cellular to the whole organism. It examines the biology of the human body and diseases. Thus, biomedical sciences encompasses a whole range of scientific subjects including pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, neuroscience and more.

    published on: 21 February 2019

  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Teaching Fellow Programme

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) welcomed a fresh batch of graduates to its Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) Teaching Fellow Programme, which is designed to provide a platform for them to take part in teaching the university’s current MBBS undergraduate students. Throughout the programme, the fellows will also have the opportunity to develop their own professional educational knowledge and teaching skills as they continue honing their medical knowledge using a variety of methods.

    published on: 21 February 2019

  • Delivering Academic Excellence From The UK

    With a history of over 180 years, Newcastle University expanded its operations to Iskandar Puteri in Johor, Malaysia, in 2009 with an aim to deliver the very best of medical education and research for the benefit of students and society in Malaysia as well as the greater ASEAN region.

    published on: 14 February 2019

  • Nurturing the Next Generation of Engaged & Skilled Researchers

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) is preparing to welcome a new batch of biomedical sciences (BMS) graduates to its BMS Graduate Research Fellowship, a year-long placement designed around innovation that expands fundamental knowledge, addresses societal and global needs, supports sustainable economic growth, and promotes health and wellbeing.

    published on: 14 February 2019

  • Grooming Doctors of the Future

    Being a doctor is not an easy task. In addition to being knowledgeable about medicine in general as well as their area of expertise, doctors also need to possess a sense of responsibility, dedication, compassion, empathy, professionalism, humility and, most importantly, good communication skills. But that’s just a part of it.

    published on: 14 February 2019

  • Giving Back to the Community: Delving into Oral Cancer

    Oral cancer, also known as mouth cancer, may not sound familiar; but did you know it’s the sixth most common cancer in the world? According to the National Health Services in the UK, approximately 6,800 people are being diagnosed with mouth cancer there every year. This equates to almost 2% of the total number of cancers diagnosed worldwide.

    published on: 28 January 2019

  • An Insight into Medical Practices and Procedures in Malaysia

    A career in medicine is highly revered and sought after in the world. To add to the appeal, medical doctors are also some of the highest paid professionals. Most people are aware that the road to becoming a doctor is longer than others and often not as easy. However, with ardour and proper knowledge on what this journey entails, one can be sure to thrive throughout the entire process.

    published on: 16 January 2019

  • A Vibrant Learning Community at NUMed

    In keeping with its mission to develop an attractive, supportive, and inspiring environment for its students, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) plays an integral part in creating opportunities that lie at the intersection between lifelong memories and service to empower them to make a difference in community.

    published on: 7 January 2019

  • Pioneering Medical Education in Southeast Asia

    With a history of over 180 years, Newcastle University expanded its operation to Southeast Asia in EduCity at Iskandar Puteri, Johor, Malaysia in 2011 with an aim to deliver the very best of medical education for students in Malaysia and to translate the benefits of both its teaching and research for the benefit of Malaysian society and the greater Asian region.

    published on: 4 January 2019

  • Preparing for Medicine, Biomedicine and more

    JOHOR BAHRU - The Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) recently concluded its NUMed PreMed Workshop 2018, a two-day preparatory course for aspiring medical students. The workshop, which took place on 15 and 16 December 2018 at the university’s campus, garnered a total of 88 people consisting of 55 participants and 33 members of the student committee.

    published on: 4 January 2019

  • Understanding Leukaemia

    Leukaemia is ranked 13th among the most common cancers according to the World Cancer Research Fund, with 437,033 new cases diagnosed in 2018. Leukemia occurs when there is an abnormal formation of white blood cells in the bone marrow, and it is a common cancer among children.

    published on: 4 January 2019

  • NUMed Honours Students for their Academic Excellence

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) held its annual Award Ceremony on 26 October 2018 at the Iskandar Demonstration Theatre in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, to honour its high-performing students. The awards were presented by senior University figures, including Prof. David Burn, Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Mr Richard Dale, Executive Director of Finance from the UK campus, and Professor Chris Baldwin, CEO and Provost of NUMed.

    published on: 11 December 2018

  • Fighting Obesity with NUMed Health Camp 2018

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) held its annual NUMed Health Camp on 10 November 2018. Villagers from Kampung Dato Sulaiman Menteri and its vicinity attended the event, which was held at SK Majidi Bahru. The event was organised and conducted by NUMed’s clinical students with help from NUMed clinical staff.

    published on: 11 December 2018

  • What I Hope to Achieve in my First Year

    The brilliant cosmologist Stephen Hawking once said, “Where there is life, there is hope.” How true, for, he himself is a living example of his own words. He suffered from his crippling condition called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, leading to the death of neurons controlling voluntary muscles and being trapped in his paralyzed body. His mind and will however, never gave in and his passion for science led him to his ground-breaking discoveries. Fascinated by his spirit, I too was driven in to the wormhole of science, inspiring to be a pioneer in my field. My passion however is to understand the biochemical reactions happening in the mind and body, which led me to choose Biomedical Sciences in Newcastle University Malaysia.

    published on: 11 December 2018

  • Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia Celebrates Diversity at its Cultural Festival

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) was transformed into a global wonderland during its Cultural Festival 2018 on 16 November 2018. Organised by the University’s Student Association, the event, which saw the university’s clubs and societies representing the different countries of the world, was attended by a crowd of Medical and Biomedical Sciences students.

    published on: 11 December 2018

  • A Whole New World Awaits Graduates of NUMed's 5th Congregation

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) celebrated its 5th Congregation on 27 October 2018. A total of 126 students received their scrolls during this auspicious event, with 100 of them hailing from the university’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme, eight from its BSc (Honours) Biomedical Sciences programme, 17 from its Master of Research programme, and one from its Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education programme.

    published on: 30 October 2018

  • From Newcastle. For The World: Newcastle’s Bold New Vision and Strategy

    1 October 2018 marked an important milestone for Newcastle University. On this day, the University’s new vision and strategy, “From Newcastle. For the World”, was unveiled via a video conference across all four campuses of the Newcastle University family, namely Newcastle University, Newcastle University London, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) and Newcastle University Singapore.

    published on: 23 October 2018

  • Obtain a Distinguished UK Qualification in Malaysia

    The opportunity to obtain a UK qualification in medicine might be closer than you think. Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), the only international campus of Newcastle University dedicated to medicine, opens up a world of opportunities for students in Malaysia and around the region to earn a highly sought-after degree from this world-leading institution in medical research and teaching, right on our shores.

    published on: 23 October 2018

  • Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia Welcomes New CEO and Provost

    Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) welcomed its new CEO and Provost, Professor Christopher Baldwin, on 1 September 2018. Professor Baldwin, who was formerly the Head of Biomedical Sciences in Newcastle University, UK, joined NUMed in (2015) as the Dean of Biomedical Sciences prior to his current appointment as CEO and Provost.

    published on: 23 October 2018

  • Giving Back to the Community: Diving into Dementia

    Did you know that every three seconds someone in the world develops dementia? In fact, it is estimated that over 50 million people around the world are suffering from dementia. Dementia is actually a term used to describe a group of symptoms highly associated with cognitive decline, which affects the individual’s skills, abilities and interactions. Although the likelihood of being diagnosed with dementia increases with age, it is not a normal process of ageing. Common causes of dementia include Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

    published on: 23 October 2018

  • Not Just Books and Exams: How Medical Students Cope with Their Busy Student Life

    The medical course is known to be one of the most difficult and gruelling courses that a student can take. With this perception, prospective students may be reluctant to consider the course as an option since it would mean that their lives will turn into an endless cycle of studying However, medical students use various methods and skills to make their university lives rich and fulfilling. At medical school, it’s not necessarily just “all work and no play” but an appropriate mixture of both.

    published on: 23 October 2018

  • Virtual Reality to Treat Children with Autism

    When you think about ‘virtual reality’, the first thing that pops into your head is probably ‘video games’. But virtual reality actually has a number of applications other than entertainment. In fact, the researchers at Newcastle University have developed The Blue Room, which uses virtual reality as a tool to help children with autism overcome their fears and phobias.

    published on: 23 October 2018

  • Why is a UK degree the best choice for medical education?

    Malaysia is currently facing an oversupply of medical graduates. So, if you are an aspiring medical professional, how do you make yourself stand out in this overabundance of competition? Acquiring a UK medical education degree will provide you with the skills and expertise to be remarkably more successful than the average medical graduate.

    published on: 14 September 2018

  • Benefits of Technology in Healthcare

    Technology plays an important role in many aspects of our lives, one of which is healthcare. The integration of technology in areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology as well as the development of medical devices and equipment has made significant contributions to improving healthcare and saving lives all around the world. From “small” innovations like adhesive bandages and ankle braces to larger, more complex technologies like MRI machines, artificial organs, and robotic prosthetic limbs, technology has undoubtedly made an incredible impact on medicine.

    published on: 14 September 2018

  • The Fast and the Furious Brain

    It has been decades of research and studies, yet the human brain remains as the most mysterious and amazing organ to all of us. This unique organ weighs about three pounds, which is only about 2% of a human’s body weight, yet it requires about 20% constant blood flow and uses about 20% of all the oxygen that we breathe. The brain may look like the head of the cauliflower but it is soft and spongy to hold. If you compare the human brain with a rat’s brain, you will notice that the surface of the human brain is not smooth like the rat’s brain – it has lots of wrinkles. These wrinkles are actually increasing the surface area of the brain, so that the brain can have more neurons without the need of enlarging the size of our head!

    published on: 13 September 2018

  • The Journey to Becoming a Medical Specialist

    Medical school is a long-term commitment. It can easily take over a decade for a person to become a medical specialist. Obtaining a medical degree alone will take five years. Furthermore, unlike other professions, medical graduates will not yet be considered qualified medical personnel. In Malaysia, it is compulsory for them to undergo housemanship for two years, during which they will rotate among specialist wards like General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Emergency Medicine.

    published on: 6 September 2018

  • Medical Education Helps in the Character-Building of a Doctor

    Medical school is the first official step toward a medical career. It equips students with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform the job. Still, technical expertise is not the only requirement to becoming a doctor. The character of a doctor matters as well. Patients trust and rely on those they acknowledge as a “good doctor”. But what are the qualities of a good doctor?

    published on: 6 September 2018

  • Bracing for the next infectious disease

    THIS year, marks the 100th anniversary of the Spanish flu pandemic. Spanish flu is probably the worst pandemic in human history. Nearly one-third of the planet’s population were infected and between 20 million and 50 million innocent lives were taken.

    published on: 20 August 2018

  • Early path to good health

    MALAYSIA has one of the highest prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) in the world. According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, 17.5% of Malaysians aged 18 and above are diabetic. This is more than twice the world’s average at 8.5%.

    published on: 20 August 2018

  • An education at home and abroad

    Moving abroad, no matter for how long, can be a tough and stressful experience. The new environment is often very different and this can settling in and adapting to the surroundings challenging. Luckily for the students of Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), this is not an issue.

    published on: 17 August 2018

  • How to survive your first year in medical school

    How to survive your first year in medical school

    published on: 17 August 2018