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An education at home and abroad

An education at home and abroad

Ever since the British university opened a branch-campus for medicine in Johor in 2009, NUMed students have been offered the opportunity to study in the UK - many has taken advantage of it. Similarities from campus design to the teaching style help the students adapt quickly to life in the UK, which maximises the time they have to benefit from the experience.

“I always knew we shared the same syllabus and learning resources but it still surprised me just how many similarities there are between life in Newcastle University UK and NUMed. It allowed me to settle in easier than I could have imagined,” third year Biomedical Sciences (BSc) student, Aaron Tan, commented.

All those pursuing a BSc degree at NUMed are offered the option to undertake their third year at Newcastle UK.

“Academically, the Biomedical Sciences course structure in NUMed is designed to be parallel to that in the UK. Apart from learning the same course content, we are also assessed by the same examinations and assignments. It has also been made even easier to settle as there are 12 students from my course at NUMed who came to Newcastle University UK this year, so some familiar faces have helped me!” added Aaron.

It is not just the Biomedical Sciences students who have the opportunity to study in Newcastle UK, those pursuing a degree in Medicine (MBBS) have the opportunity too. Each year, a number of NUMed medical students are selected to spend the summer at Newcastle University UK to undertake a research project. The specialist projects allow the students to collaborate with a diverse range of students and faculty.

Jun Poon, MBBS student, who completed a 10-week project in the UK said: “The time I spent working with my counterparts in the UK made me realise the outcomes of studying at Newcastle University is the same in Malaysia as it is in the UK. Just like the medical profession, the Newcastle University standards are universal.”

The similarities between the UK and Malaysia campus are useful for medical students as in 2015 NUMed became the first university outside of the UK to receive recognition by the General Medical Council (GMC) – the statutory body that registers and regulates doctors in the UK. This was an important milestone for NUMed as it means Malaysians who study medicine at NUMed and carry out their postgraduate clinical training programme in selected Malaysian hospitals can now apply for full registration as doctors with the GMC as well as the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

The synergies between NUMed and Newcastle UK do not only help with undergraduate degrees. A degree at NUMed can help prepare you for a Master’s degree. Muzammil Nahaboo Solim, who recently completed the four year MBBS programme at NUMed is currently studying in the UK for a Masters of Public Health (MPH).

“It has been a fantastic experience so far, both in Malaysia and now in the UK. Last year I was fortunate to be awarded a full scholarship to study for a Master of Public Health (MPH) at Newcastle University, UK. The university has been extremely generous with the funding and I’m very grateful for the opportunity that I have been given to spend 1 year here in the UK,” Muzammil commented stated.

Away from studies, students managed to explore their surroundings and made the most of life in the UK.

“People will think I’m crazy but I love the weather here! It means that, unlike back home, outdoor activities are quite popular. I have also managed to visit many wonderful places such as the Lakeside District, Durham, Berwick upon Tweed, Scotland, amongst others. Edinburgh castle was the highlight!” added Muzammil Nahaboo Solim

Newcastle is the first UK University to offer a UK Primary Medical qualification outside of the UK. Both undergraduate degrees offered by NUMed in Medicine (MBBS) and Biomedical Sciences (BSc) are conferred by Newcastle University UK.

About NUMed

Newcastle University UK, has established an international branch campus in Johor, Malaysia to provide its undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MB BS) and the Biomedical Sciences (BSc). Both programmes offer opportunities for periods of study in the UK. A one year Foundation Certificate in Biological and Biomedical Sciences is also available, the successful completion of which will lead to progression to the MB BS or BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences programme. All programmes of study are equivalent to those of Newcastle’s UK-based provision, and lead to the award of the same degrees. By choosing to study at NUMed Malaysia, students will obtain a reputable UK qualification, from an internationally recognized university, at a cost significantly less than that of studying in the UK.

Muzammil Nahaboo Solim

published on: 17 August 2018