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An eye-opener into the medical field

SCHOOL-LEAVERS who had just sat for their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations last year are surely awaiting their results with an equal mix of anticipation and trepidation.

With the results due to be released on March 5, the scramble towards the next step will represent another decision-making hurdle that many of these youths will have to face as their rite of passage towards maturity.

Naturally many will aim for the noble medical profession, especially those who feel the calling to serve humanity in the best way possible, as well as to be well rewarded financially for their dedication.

Healthy start in learning the profession

Those who live close by Johor Baru, or who are serious in entering the medical field should take note that the Newcastle University Medical Malaysia (NUMed Malaysia) is continuing its tradition of hosting its two-day annual event called the “PreMed Workshop”, in order to introduce high school and college graduate students or potential medical students to the profession. 

This fun-filled two-day event is organised by the Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) of NUMed, which has successfully run this workshop event in previous years. The AMSA is a peak representative organisation for medical students from across Asia, the Asia-Pacific and beyond. It was first founded in Manila, Philippines in 1985.

On top of the different engaging workshops that will inform participants on all aspects of studying for the medical profession, NUMed Malaysia’s PreMed Workshop also promises two days of exciting activities for those who attend, which include basic first-aid training, clinical skills learning and talks by senior doctors.

These workshop sessions are specially aimed to give participants a better exposure to the medical world, and to provide a clearer understanding in the life of a medical student.

The pre-med workshop exposes secondary school students and college students to the medical field and education.

Then Newcastle advantage

NUMed Malaysia has been an inspiring presence for those who wish to dedicate themselves to the medical profession. In fact, aspiring doctors have realised their dream career with the help from NUMed Malaysia – Newcastle University UK’s first wholly owned international campus in Malaysia -  which opened its doors in 2009. 

Newcastle University UK itself is a premier medical education provider, a top-20 institution with a distinguished legacy as one of the country’s leading medical schools. It is also globally renowned  for its cutting-edge research and innovative teaching. 

The essential factor for its position as a world-leading medical education provider is the quality of the educational experience it offers. All its academic activities are linked and contributed towards an overarching learning experience, with well-designed innovative programmes delivered to students by motivated and expert academics.

These are complemented by a well-structured framework of student support strategies and a firm ethic of scholarship. 

Specially designed programmes

At the core of NUMed Malaysia’s strength is its academic offerings, as provost and CEO of NUMed Malaysia Prof Chris Baldwin had said: “The curricula reflect the latest trends and developments in medicine, delivered by an accomplished and experienced teaching faculty.”  (“Academic excellence from UK, for M’sia”, The Star, March 14, 2019, StarSpecial02 section, pg 1.)

He pointed out that the tradition of excellence continues locally, with undergraduate degrees in medicine and biomedical sciences as well as foundation courses and postgraduate studies included.

NUMed Malaysia’s foundation programme was designed to prepare students for a smooth transition into its Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences (BMS) degree programmes.

It is identical to its UK counterpart in its curriculum and also enables students to pursue their undergraduate studies later at the main UK campus, where they can then choose from an even wider range of degrees, such as in Biochemistry, Physiological Sciences, Pharmacology, Psychology and more. 

NUMed Malaysia’s Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme centres upon the principle of “constructive alignment”, where all teaching, learning tasks and assessments are linked to produce exceptional learning outcomes.

These include lectures to practical laboratory sessions, reading, seminar discussions and tutorials. In doing so, students absorb knowledge better and develop greater understanding of key concepts in biological and biomedical sciences.

NUMed Malaysia’s undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MBBS) and Biomedical Sciences (BSc) offer local students the access to earn quality medical and biomedical science degrees, without the additional burden of high living costs, expensive tuition fees and distractions often experienced when studying overseas.

NUMed Malaysia also has postgraduate programmes for those who aim to go even further with their medical professions. And like the main campus of Newcastle University UK, NUMed Malaysia prioritises on research projects and regards these as crucial components in the development of important treatments and largely involves postgraduate students.

These research programme results enter the stream translational and education research that are managed at the main campus.


To know more about the PreMed Workshop or register yourself a place today by visiting the Premed Workshop 2020 registration form here.


published on: 27 February 2020