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Celebrating Excellence: Behind Every Medical Professional

Knowledge imparter, opinion leader, role model, cheerleader, confidante, mentor and motivator are just some of the many roles wrapped up in one package identified by students as “Sir”, “Prof”, “Dr”, “Miss” or “Madam”. Every medical student’s journey is unique, but one common denominator is the impact made by the medical educators in their lives. Teachers and lecturers influence and shape our worldviews, career aspirations, self-image, and standards, as well as many other values and virtues in life.

The acquisition of medical education can be notoriously challenging. This increases the need for an educator who could be there to support their students in a nurturing environment. If there was anyone who could ease the journey from lecture halls to hospital wards, it would be a medical educator.

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

The phrase from George Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman drama series written in 1903 has survived the test of time to become a consistent irritation to teachers far and wide. Shaw not only makes the assumption that those with knowledge in a discipline would want to do that discipline as a primary career, but also makes the further assumption that teaching is not a discipline in itself.

Can you be an accomplished reader and therefore have the innate skill to teach a child to read? Teaching is about going deeper and deeper within a subject and then eking out the very essence and building blocks of skills and knowledge from within using carefully honed and practiced skills.

Teaching requires significant knowledge, expertise and pedagogical understanding. For this purpose, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) prioritises the recruitment and retention of high-calibre educators and education partners, and empowering them in the pursuit of scholarship, high quality teaching, and the production of excellent graduates prepared for the global health economy of the 21st century.

 “Those who can, do; and those who want to do more, teach!”

Based on a study conducted in 2013[1] on undergraduate medical students’ perceptions of effective medical teachers in a Malaysian medical school, a medical student’s preference for one teacher over another is directly correlated with the teacher's ability to teach, his or her interpersonal skills, as well as personal and professional qualities. For this reason, NUMed establishes an academic culture that provides globally acclaimed teaching strategies, while fostering an attractive, supportive and inspiring environment to engage highly motivated students in affordable, world-class medical education, irrespective of background.

All in all, educators impart not just knowledge, but a little bit of themselves. A good part of their lives have been dedicated to furthering the dreams of budding professionals and framing the trajectory of future world changers. This, alone, is a noble cause that is worth celebrating. Celebrate your medical educators and education partners today with NUMed’s CelebratEd!


[1] KUMARI, K. Lakshmi et al. Qualities of best medical teacher: a student perceptive study. International Journal of Research in Medical Sciences, [S.l.], v. 4, n. 12, p. 5436-5439, dec. 2016. ISSN 2320-6012. 


published on: 17 July 2020