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Holistic Foundation Education with NUMed

The global healthcare industry is rapidly changing to meet the demands of a growing population. Parallel with this trend, the roles of healthcare professionals – from doctors to scientists and researchers – are also evolving. As such, those aspiring to join the healthcare profession need to be equipped with the right foundational skillset to ensure that they are able to embrace the challenges that await them.

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) offers a Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences programme. This 12-month programme is intended to serve as a pre-undergraduate Foundation programme for students in Malaysia who intend to study medicine, biological or biomedical sciences, or sciences at undergraduate level.

At the end of the programme, they can expect to not just gain a strong grounding in the fields of medicine and biomedical sciences, but also develop their English language proficiency and acquire the study skills necessary to thrive in a higher education setting. They will be able to experience British university teaching methods as well. Additionally, upon meeting the requirements, they will be automatically offered a place on either NUMed’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) [subject to interview] or 2 + 1 BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences programme.

More than just emphasising academic excellence, the Foundation programme also encourages holistic development of its students. “NUMed aims to develop independent and well-rounded students who succeed academically and maintain good work-life balance,” said Dr. Clare Guilding, the Dean of Academic Affairs (Medicine) at NUMed.

 As such, the university offers excellent facilities and a multitude of clubs and societies for students, where they can explore their interests in areas ranging from climbing, swimming, and frisbee to dancing and volunteering. As such, many exciting activities are always happening throughout the year.

Ng Peck Yin, an MBBS graduate, observed, “I learn a lot from sports in terms of socialising, flexibility in thinking and situational judgement. These are the skills that we will never be able to learn in the classroom.”

“Our students aren’t here exclusively for classroom learning; they’re also learning how to be part of a community,” explained Prof. Chris Baldwin, Provost and CEO of NUMed.

NUMed students have certainly been doing the university proud with their active participation and achievements in a multitude of activities and events outside their studies.

Most recently, the university bagged first and second prize at the Inter-University Radiology Quiz, organised the “Rock the Red Ribbon” event to commemorate World AIDS Day 2019, and volunteered at Kechara Soup Kitchen as part of a community outreach programme. These are just a few examples among many others that illustrate the rich experience students can have while studying at NUMed.

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published on: 27 February 2020