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NUMed awards top performing students

NUMed awards top performing students

Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) has bestowed the top performing students with the Vice Chancellor’s Merit Award. Announced at the end of the academic year, the award is given to students who achieved merit in their previous year of study.

The award is equivalent in value to 10% of the annual NUMed fees and is held by the winners for one year. The award was founded with the aim to encourage students to perform well consistently as they need to keep up their achievements to win it year upon year.

“At NUMed we strive for excellence among our students to ensure that our graduates are among the best in class. Awards are an important way to not only recognise the hard work being put in by students, but also to motivate them to keep improving,” said Professor Reg Jordan, CEO and Provost of NUMed.

The views were echoed by the winners. Michelle Hoh, a Medicine (MB BS) student at NUMed, said: “For me, the award was recognition of my hard work and a form of encouragement for me to strive towards excellence in my efforts to realise my ambition of becoming a doctor.”

Adrian Leong, who is also pursuing MB BS, commented: “I had a pleasant surprise when I found out I had achieved a merit in my first year, and was therefore eligible for the Vice Chancellor’s Merit Award Scheme. I guess for me, it was a marker that I was on the way to being a good doctor for my future patients, an aspiration I have had since I was a kid.”

Overall, 7% of students across all stages for the MBBS and Biomedical Sciences (BSc), programmes were bestowed the Vice Chancellor’s Merit Award.

In addition, the top performing MBBS student from each stage was awarded the TM Teoh Prize. The winners are recommended by the Board of Examiners that identifies the undergraduate with the highest marks. A monetary prize is included as part of the reward for the students’ academic excellence. Taken from the fund donated to NUMed by Dr Robert Teoh, each winner from Stages 1 to 4 receives 250 ringgit.

The Stage 5 TM Teoh prize is awarded to the best performing student in their final exams. The winner receives 500 ringgit and this year’s TM Teoh Prizes were handed out by Dr Robert Teoh himself. This year’s Stage 5 TM Teoh prize winner, See Yi Koon, was also the recipient of the prestigious Walton award. The award, funded by Lord Walton, with a prize of £250, is given to the student with highest overall performance as an undergraduate medical student at NUMed Malaysia.  Dr Teoh, an alumnus of Newcastle University, awarded the prizes at the NUMed’s recent graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony of the second cohort of students was attended by over 150 guests including special guests YB Dato' Seri Idris bin Jusoh, Malaysia’s Minister of Higher Education and the Secretary General, Ministry of Higher Education, Prof Dato’ Dr Zaini bin Ujang who is an Alumnus of Newcastle University.

The newly qualified doctors from the MBBS graduation ceremony were conferred a UK Primary Medical Qualification awarded by NUMed. They are eligible for provisional registration with both the UK’s General Medical Council (GMC) and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC). Following the completion of an approved pre-registration period, they will be eligible for full registration with both regulators. NUMed offers the first GMC-approved overseas programme for provisionally registered doctors to convert to full registration.

About NUMed

Newcastle University UK, has established an international branch campus in Johor, Malaysia to provide its undergraduate degrees in Medicine (MB BS) and the Biomedical Sciences (BSc), and opportunities for postgraduate study. The programmes of study are equivalent to those of Newcastle’s UK-based provision, and lead to the award of the same degrees. By choosing to study at NUMed Malaysia, students will obtain a reputable UK qualification, from an internationally recognized university, at a cost significantly less than that of studying in the UK. The undergraduate Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MB BS) degrees were launched in 2009 and BSc degrees in the Biomedical Sciences were launched in 2013. Both programmes offer opportunities for periods of study in the UK.


published on: 13 April 2016