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NUMed: Commemorating a Decade of Excellence

From the moment Newcastle University, UK, was approached to set up its Malaysian counterpart back in 2004, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) had become a core element of its international strategy to augment its reputation globally. Today, this international branch campus has certainly made a name for itself in the region, successfully continuing the renowned legacy of its parent institution as it celebrates 10 years of providing quality UK medical education in Malaysia.

“Having seen the NUMed project through the early development stages, our move to Malaysia marked the culmination of much hard work. It was a most exciting, if somewhat daunting, prospect, with the challenge being to translate the planning blueprint into reality and to truly realise the NUMed vision,” expressed Professor Reginald Jordan, who had been part of the project development since the beginning. He later moved to Johor, Malaysia, with Ms. Liz Smith in 2010 to oversee the campus progress and take the reins as the first Provost and Chief Executive Officer of NUMed.

NUMed proudly welcomed its first cohort of 20 Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) students in September 2009, who would pursue their first two years of studies in the parent campus in the UK. September 2011 marked another important occasion on NUMed’s calendar, as the first cohort of students were welcomed back along with another new batch of students who would be able to complete their entire five years in the then brand new NUMed campus. The family further expanded with the arrival of the first cohort of Biomedical Sciences (BMS) students in 2014 and Foundation students in 2016.

To date, NUMed has witnessed six congregations celebrating six cohorts of MBBS graduates, four batches of Biomedical Sciences (BMS) graduates, and three batches of Foundation programme graduates.

The present-day NUMed is fast gaining traction as a provider of top-notch medical education in the region, producing capable graduates who are prepared to change the face of medicine for the better.

“Looking at where we are today, as we celebrate the 10-year milestone of NUMed, I am very much grateful to the many helping hands that have shaped our past, present, and future, whether at conceptual stage, physically, or even in the moulding of minds,” said Professor Chris Baldwin, the current Provost and Chief Executive Officer of NUMed.

“NUMed is extremely fortunate for the amazing community that has supported and built us up to reach this very momentous moment,” he added.

published on: 20 September 2019