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NUMed_ Why Consider a Degree in Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical sciences is currently at the heart of medical breakthroughs in the healthcare industry. A combination of biology and medicine, it provides an overview of biochemistry and physiology, anatomy and histology, as well as epidemiology, and pharmacology. From creating artificial muscles to treat diseases to looking at the brain to comprehend anxiety and stress, a biomedical scientist is at the helm of scientific and laboratory research, pioneering breakthroughs in medical discoveries.

So, why should you choose biomedical sciences? Here are three common yet fundamental reasons.

Wide Range of Career Opportunities

The dynamic world of biomedical sciences maximises career options for graduates to venture into a diverse range of eventual specialisations. Alongside indulging in intriguing paths in the medical field, a bulk of graduates also managed to dive into other sectors, carving thriving careers in the technical aspects of healthcare, nutrition, biomedical sales, veterinary sciences, health promotion or even patent law. Not only that, occupational therapists, genetic counsellors and speech pathologists are also among the careers in allied health that springboard from biomedical sciences.

Versatile Skill Set

Aside from bracing the graduates with medical-related expertise and research techniques, this course also equips students with many other multifaceted skills, which would be nifty as they head down their career path. A degree in biomedical sciences equips students with strong verbal communication skills, thinking and reasoning skills, intuitive skills, analytical skills, complex problem-solving skills, and concentration skills – all of which can mould the students into well-rounded, productive undergraduates.

Pathway to Amazing Discoveries

The field of biomedical sciences also assures invaluable contributions to the advancement of biology and medicine. This may appeal to research enthusiasts wanting to make a difference in improving human conditions. Undergraduates can also be part of various pioneering research areas depending on their interests. From making advancements in the study of cancer or AIDS to getting involved in the research to combat infectious diseases, biomedical scientists are set to make an impact in the health scene.

Biomedical Journey with NUMed

Drawing from the academic excellence of Newcastle University, UK, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed) offers a 2+1 BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences programme. The programme    encompasses two academic years at NUMed, which mirrors what is being studied at Newcastle University, UK, and the final academic year in the UK, with research-led teaching and an intensive research project in one of the highly regarded research institutes at the Newcastle University Medical School. 

published on: 4 July 2019