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Obtaining the Right Skills at NUMed

While medical studies are well-known for their demanding academic workload, it is also important for medical students to inculcate the right skills so that they can thrive in the modern healthcare setting. The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme at Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia (NUMed), which is recognised by both the General Medical Council, UK (GMC) and Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), is an integrated programme which helps students develop the necessary clinical skills as well as beneficial soft skills. 

Top MBBS students Siong Jason Ting and Siaw Dawn Celine Poh, both of whom hail from East Malaysia, agree that arming oneself with the proper skillsets will help them go further in their career aspirations.

Among others, Dawn commends the Gibbs Reflective Cycle, which she picked up at NUMed, to be beneficial, stating that the self-reflection process helps her in personal evaluations and prepares her for various scenarios. “It has helped me recognise my strengths and values, and to create realistic action plans and expectations to counter similar situations in the near future,” she said.


Jason, on the other hand, appreciates the highlight on effective communication, in addition to the emphasis on patient-centred medicine and evidence-based practice. “NUMed is well-known for its excellence in communication skills, and this invaluable soft skill will put me at an advantage in the future,” he said.


According to him, his language prowess was further enhanced through his participation in the university’s student exchange programme, during which he was able to study at the UK campus for a semester and experience the culture there, including trying out various activities like athletics, rifling and skating.


When tackling his duties as a medical student, Jason believes that teamwork helps in making sure nobody is left struggling on their own. To-do-lists and a timetable also aid him to stay on top of his studies. Further more, “We learn at a comfortable pace and we constantly build new knowledge atop existing ones,” he added.  

Dawn finds the word “resilience” to best describe her experience with the MBBS programme, stating, “The journey in medicine pushes one to strengthen their emotional resilience and develop fortitude to view adversity as a challenge to rise above.”

As for those who aspire to take up medicine, both Jason and Dawn are quick to cheer them on.

“Medicine is an unforgettable journey laced with challenges, but uncovers the hope for a new & better tomorrow,” said Jason, while Dawn quipped, “If you’re passionate about science, healthcare, communication with patients and a fascination of the human body, I believe you’re on the right path.”

 At NUMed, aspiring medical students can expect to grow and develop their passion and career holistically. With the facilities and world-class education it provides, NUMed lays a strong foundation for one to be able to take on the healthcare needs of society competently.


published on: 19 March 2020